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It is hard to believe we have been planning this trip since September and departure day is one day away.  It looks like everything is coming together well and going to be a great trip and great experience for everyone.  There are ten people total going on the trip which is made up of nine students and one staff member.  We look forward to sharing more when we arrive into Cancun or Belize, but until then here is the group:

Chris Nowicki, Assistant Director for Student Union and Activities (trip director)

Janelle Waugh (nursing major)

Dena Eaves (chemistry major)

Trisure Perez (liberal studies major)

Brandi Webb (respiratory therapy major)

Meagan Stachurski (adult education major)

Andrea Huisa (pre-med chemistry)

Jasmine Lebron (early childhood education)

Claudia Alverado (biology)

Lisa Affuso (early childhood education)

  1. #1 by Maggie M on May 8, 2012 - 4:44 pm

    Safe travels! I backpacked through Belize two years ago and it was the trip of a lifetime! I loved seeing the differences in culture from the islands to the inland. The water is beautiful, the people were kind, and it was a very diverse culture dependning on where you were. If you are in or near Belize City be prepared to pay to use any of the public bathrooms as they sense that you are a tourist right away. Don’t wander off alone and take advantage of the cheap and delicious foods they have on the beaches.

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