Mayan Ruins and Painting Begins

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In the midst of the heat and humidity of Central America, we are well on our way now.  Friday we spent all day on tour of Lamanai Mayan Ruins.  We took a boat ride which was about 1 1/2 hours long along the New River out to the ruins site.  Along the way we pulled into this lagoon and a monkey came down onto the boat and took a banana from us.  None of us have ever been those close to a monkey before that wasn’t in a cage.  The tour at Lamanai was very interesting.  We got the opportunity to climb the tallest of the temples on the site.  Many of the students are short so climbing the large steps which was also very sleep was a bit of a challenge, however everyone made it to the top and back down without any issue.  The view from the top was pretty awesome to look out over the top of the tropic vegetation.  The ruins sit in the middle of a jungle.

On Saturday we began painting.  The principal was there to let us in and one of the teachers who assists with minor maintenance around the school also was there to help.  We did not have a goal of what to accomplish on day one because we were not sure how long it was going to take and how the paint would take to the building.  Our only goal is to be done by the end of the day on Wednesday, however ended up going incredibly fast today.  The front of the school is 90% complete.  The only thing that must be done on Sunday is to finish the green base of the building, painting the classroom doors, and to get the sides of the building painted.  We did want to make sure the front was completed by Monday when the students return to keep the front access unblocked and this is not going to be any issues.  This will leave Monday through Wednesday to get the back of the building painted and hopefully if time and resources are available the playground area spruced up.  The team was incredible today.  They worked hard, stayed motivated and organized.  Without that, we would not have accomplished what we did in one day.  With the fast and organized pace of work we finished by 2:30pm.  There was a large canoe race and festival next to our hotel today and we enjoyed going through the festival.  The people in Orange Walk Town are very friendly and glad we are here.  We are eating good local food and staying well hydrated.  The weather is very similar to Savannah, the only difference is that it is a bit hotter since we are closer to the equator here.  If the next four days go as well as today did, we’re going to get a lot done at the school.

  1. #1 by Ellen on May 13, 2012 - 7:49 am

    Looks like you guys are having fun and working hard. I love the monkey picture.

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